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Welcome to Drachenfangers Kunstwelt (Dragon catcher's art world). As a hobby I am searching for the things we normally do not recognize. I wish you enjoy the photos in display and I would be very satisfied if you wish to have the one or other hanging off your own wall. If you see something that attracted you but you would like to have changes please go to the contact page and just send me an email.

All photos you can see on my site have been made by Drachenfanger.

PS Why Drachenfanger? Well I love the history, stories of dragons and my body paint will reveal this love. In addition I have caught my wife which is a Dragon in chinese Zodiac (psssst also in real life). My wife's real nick name is Kugelfisch (Sphere fish) which she got as she was pregnant with QI and because she is western Zodiac Fish. Yeah and guess what I could be. I am a Horse so what coincidence she loves Horses in real life to and that double as I am Gemini. So counting 2+2 we love us as we are and that minimum 2*2 what other pair can be raised to the same amount as it adds up?

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