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Andreas M. Giesea - Drachenfanger

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Art, Photography, Drachenfanger; Passion,nature,macroSelf-PortraitPhotograph of the situation found attractive - LR assistance to add expression An accomplished, hands-on global mechanical/manufacturing Engineering Manager with a proven track record of bringing products full cycle from ideation to market on time and within budget. Deep experience developing tools/fixtures/molds in the automotive, power tool and high end audio speaker industries. Built teams to establish Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing philosophy. Developed a scalable tooling standard that significantly streamlined the engineering process. Extensive history of mentoring Junior Engineers through the entire manufacturing process. Led cost save initiatives by improving manufacturing processing and material management. Furthermore a passionate Photographer which allows to re-focus in the private times of being. Specialized on the little things the most individuals would just walk by and are surprised as of what they have missed. Photography is for the first a hobby but I will show up with my photos to any gallery that is willing to exhibit my captures. A preview here:

  • Plastics Product Development
  • Cross Functional Teams  
  • Process Improvement
  • Injection Mold Processing 
  • Results Oriented
  • Manufacturing Procurement
  • ISO 9000 / TS 16949
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Project Management
  • SOW, RFQ Documentation
  • Budget Investment, Time
  • Automotive Interiors
  • Thermo Forming
  • Assembly
  • Sourcing - Procurement
  • Native German/English
  • Global Travel
  • Strategic
  • Analytical
  • Futuristic
  • Individualization
  • Focus
  • Context
  • Visual
  • Creative
  • Communication



Professional Experience


Faraday Future Inc. Gardena, California                                                                                                                                            9/ 2016-

Seating Engineer

  • Designing the best seating system ever built for an automobile
  • Being a mentor for young engineers in a startup environment


TESLA Inc. Fremont, California                                                                                                                                                                     6-9/ 2016

Global Supply Chain Manager and Supplier Industrialization Development (Consultant)

  • Defining requirements and establishing sourcing guidelines
  • Developing suppliers to meet higher annual requirements with minimum investment


SONOS Inc. Santa Barbara, California                                                                                                                                                   2015 – 2016

Senior Manager Tooling & Process Engineering/ Mechanical Process Manager

  • Responsible to develop the newly opening of the Tooling Engineering team.
  • Introduce the required business processes for the team as well in the cross-function to other disciplines.


STIHL Inc. Virginia Beach, Virginia                                                                                                                                                          2009 – 2015

Manager Mold Procurement, Design and Engineering

  • Purchase of up to 100 injection molds/per year utilizing 5 different mold makers in USA, Korea and China. Implementation of 250 Engineering Changes per year.
  • Oversight responsibility for 850 active molds with around 650 unique parts.
  • Full cycle responsibility beginning with the design feasibility analysis of plastic products which are assembled in the same facility until the final Market Release of the finished Unit, including the procurement of the mold itself.
  • Leading a cross-functional team including Quality Planning, Polymers Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Production in an ERP system environment.


Reduced mold pricing ratio 100:60 ¨Reduced Design Release to Mold “OK for Production” timing by 35% which reduced my head count requirement significantly and increased ability to increase the manufacturing footprint with additional revenue of approximately $25M/per year ¨Lead the Polymers Cost Saving Team to save cost without changing Quality or R&D requirements and achieved saving $500K/per year solely by processing technique and material management ¨Key member in the Make or Buy Team (not restricted to plastics parts) which achieves in average savings $750K/per year by supplier negotiation or by implementing within the in-house manufacturing.


VISTEON Berlin, Germany                                                                                                                                                                        2007 – 2009

Business Development Engineer (Product Development)

  • Responsible for the development of instrument panel, door panel, console considering new technologies and customer constraints. Customers: Ford, Daimler Cars, Daimler Trucks, VW Cars, VW Trucks, GM, Volvo and Saab.
  • R&D European Sales key contact presenting the company’s manufacturing capabilities and innovation technologies referencing to the customers’ requirements and its market segment.
  • Utilized benchmark results of OEM Interior data.
  • Led a cross functional team including Innovation Center, Manufacturing Engineering, Tooling Engineering, Production Engineering, world-wide R&D CAD designers and Accounting.

Achievements: #1 pick by a German OEM because our pricing and Innovations ¨ Increased Interior business operations with OEMs which were new to Visteon Interiors.


Johnson Controls Burscheid, Germany / Shenzhen, China – Special Assignment                                                                           2007

Tool Engineering Manager - LCC (Low Cost Country, China) project achieving a standard tool design

Manufacturing of injection molds in Shenzhen (China) with 6 different toolmakers. Responsibilities ranged from checking the tool feasibility/design to final launch at the plant. This position was solely to enable me to discover the LCC activities which were heavily advocated by the automotive industry.


VISTEON Berlin, Germany                                                                                                                                                                        2002 – 2007

Lead Manufacturing Engineer (Project Coordinator) Interior and Exterior                                                     2004-2007

  • Manufacturing/Tooling Engineering of automotive interiors and exterior assemblies with responsibilities ranging from quotation, design feasibility to manufacturing in the plant. (Hard, Soft, 2Color, PVC Slush, TPO, Textile, visible and invisible Airbag Systems, Hybrid, etc.).
  • Day to day interaction with the OEM within a cross functional team including R&D, Innovation Center, Accounting and Purchasing.
  • Developed and launched automotive interiors in to the global market (OEM development in Germany and manufacturing in Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia, USA, China, India, Argentina) Customers: Ford, Daimler Cars, Daimler Trucks, VW Cars, VW Trucks, and GM.


All projects were in time and in investment budget. ¨ Team Leader of a Two-Tone and Two-Material Instrument Panel which successfully launched and has passed its validation in the prototype stage The Two-Tone, Two-Material Instrument Panel was so flexible to allow only 4 day notice to delivery and would have allowed an individual customer to even define its own color/design.


Tooling Engineer                                                                                                                                                   2002-2004

  • Model launch with up to 34 tools (avg. weight 12 tons and more) for all OEMs.
  • Responsibility from the design feasibility analysis of the plastic product to its launch/SOP.


All projects were on time and Current Work Standard over achieved the Budgetary Work Standard. ¨ Leader of Cost Save Team with a yearly goal of 5% savings which was always over achieved with an average saving of 8% solely to processing, material management and production planning ¨ Further reduced color change scrap to a maximum of 10x part weight from black to grey solely by planning the hot runner and the color change procedure. This resulted in additional tool change time reduction allowing changing a 35t mold on a 3200t press in less than 20min. from shot to shot.


FORD/VISTEON Berlin, Germany                                                                                                                                                            1988 – 2002

Tool Shop Manager                                                                                                                                            1999-2002

Reported to the Plant Manager. Tool shop responsibility for all tool (injection, foaming, welding, punching) maintenance and incorporating engineering releases. Approx. 340 tools running on 64 machines 3200t-250t.Achievements: changing from a 2-Shift 5day operation with 54 staff members to a 3-Shift 7 day operation enabling to reduce the head count to 43 staff members and increasing the service to production, manufacturing and tooling engineering.


Tool Shop CAD/CAM-Specialist/Methods Engineering                                                                                 1990-1999

Reported to The Tool Shop Manager. Design of new tools, tool changes and optimization incl. milling path design. From 1996 onwards, more responsibility in tool shop methods engineering and functional leadership of 6 foremen. Responsible for timing of all tool shop orders, materials procurement.


Quality Assurance                                                                                                                                            1988-1990

Reported to Quality Manager. Established initial sample report, incl. CMM programs. Established an incoming inspection for buy parts. Wrote Q1 evidence book (quality system before QS9000).



Maschinenbautechniker                      Bachelor Manufacturing Engineering (Design), Staatliche Technikerschule Berlin

Apprenticeship as Toolmaker              Berlin, 1984-1988